The Cause

All proceeds will go towards supporting the work of the DeRo Foundation.

The mission of the DeRo Foundation is guided by a deep passion and love for the game of soccer and the positive difference it can make in uniting and inspiring our community.


About The DeRo Foundation

The DeRo Foundation was established in 2014 by Dwayne De Rosario – MLSE Ambassador, Pan Am Games Ambassador and Motivational Speaker.

Dwayne’s journey as a professional soccer player and experience mentoring youth across North America through his DeRo United Soccer Academy has been the inspiration for the creation of the DeRo Foundation.

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About The DeRo Foundation, Toronto Cup
The DeRo Foundation Mission, Toronto Cup

The DeRo Foundation Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to support local community initiatives which use soccer as a platform to help youth in high priority neighbourhoods develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Each individual associated with the Foundation is committed to helping youth achieve their maximum potential on and off the pitch – through providing mentorship and developmental tools in the area of education, leadership, self-confidence and health and nutrition.